Training and Presentations

Building Health Sciences professional staff of physicians and building scientists are available to speak at conferences, seminars and custom training programs on Indoor Environmental and Air Quality (IEAQ) topics, Mold and Moisture Management, Chinese Drywall, Remediation and Building Science. They have presented and trained across the United States in venues sponsored by local, national and international organizations as well as corporations and private business.

Training Programs

Other Training Topics

  • Sustainability, Green and the Indoor Environment – Green Seal Housekeeping Practices for Improved Productivity
  • Chinese Drywall Clearance – Proprietary, Science-based Clearance Protocol
  • Chinese Drywall Remediation – Myths, Facts and Practical Application
  • Assessment of Mold Amplification and Health Considerations
  • Construction Defects, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Litigation
  • Health-Based Remediation, Oversight and Medical Clearance
  • Health Claims Involving Mycotoxicity
  • Indoor Environmental and Air Quality – A Physician's Perspective
  • Mold, IEAQ and Health Effects on Occupants
  • Occupational Medicine: From Clinic to Courtroom
  • Risk Communication related to Critical Environmental Incident Management

Past Presentations

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