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Moisture Management Training Program

Training Objective

Building Facilities or the Home Owner Association responds – from time to time – to the complexities of moisture intrusion or water problems as well as the variety of related concerns that are raised when such situations are suspected or reported.

The goal of this training program is to assist personnel in the (a) initial efforts to determine the most practical investigative methods appropriate for the situation and (b) investigate the cause, origin and severity of an incident for the purpose of finding appropriate cost-effective solutions and responsibility.

This is best suited for a four hour commitment. Typical participants include property managers, homeowner association representatives, condominium board representatives, attorneys and building engineers. Participants will gain insights and understanding on how to prevent and how to react to moisture intrusion events. Concepts will be reinforced with take-home templates, forms and suggested procedures for effective management of the indoor environment.


Sample Moisture Manual Table of Contents

Moisture Incident Response Flowchart