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Comprehensive Integrated Capabilities Focused on Chinese Drywall

Building Health Sciences and Building Dynamics, LLC, have recently formed an alliance to address Chinese Drywall assessment, mitigation and risk communication specifically related to Chinese Drywall. Ed Light, CIH, of Building Dynamics, LLC, is a nationally-recognized expert whose work has led to resolution of numerous building-related exposure problems, adding to BHS’ experience in the management of large scale environmental situations in which occupancy decisions have been major issues.

Consistent with both companies’ heritage, we bring to this Chinese Drywall situation health-focused and scientifically-based solutions for building classification, onsite investigation, relocation management and remedial oversight. BHS has developed a collaborative, internet-based, incident management program, scalable to accommodate any size matter. Our approach is based on 30 years of work in environmental medicine, claims evaluation, medical and scientific causation analysis, litigation support, building science, occupant complaint investigation and construction management.

At this time, the BHS/BD Team is identifying the research and development priorities needed to address the complex issues surrounding Chinese Drywall. Our upcoming blogs will delineate critical scientific questions requiring answers, propose practical site assessment tools, provide a process for screening health complaints, as well as present potential strategies for exposure control and source elimination (where needed). Building Health Sciences is uniquely poised to help the many stakeholders involved in this emerging issue of major proportions.