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Chinese Drywall - A Health-based Perspective

Barbara Manis, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Building Health Sciences, was the only medical doctor who presented at the HB Chinese Drywall Litigation Conference on June 18, 2009, in New Orleans, LA. Her discussion addressed the reported and potential health effects associated with the emissions thus far identified from imported drywall. Other presenters included attorneys, scientists and experts in the fields of engineering, building damage and property valuation.

Concern over the potential health effects which may be associated with Chinese Drywall installations is further tempered by the possibility that there may be other, as yet unidentified, substances in the drywall or other building materials in these homes which are acting as potentiators making the low levels of sulfur more reactive with copper in the air conditioner coils. All presenters and participants concurred that, since the science and research available are in their early stages, it is not possible to determine definitively (a) whether Chinese Drywall is present, (b) when emissions occur, (c) how to measure all emissions and (d) what is the occupant exposure dose.  Download a copy of Dr. Manis’ Presentation: Chinese Drywall Litigation – A Health-based Perspective.