Chinese Drywall – Odor research update

Five different gypsum products were tested and found to release 57 odor-active compounds; including some previously unknown sulfur-smelling odorants.

German scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute of Building Physics have completed the most extensive analytical effort to date, in order to identify odor-active organic sulfur compounds in gypsum products. It is these odor-active compounds that are responsible for the unpleasant emissions produced by Chinese drywall.


Medical News - Chinese Drywall Off-Gassing

Expect more Chinese drywall sulfur-smell complaints as weather warms and moistens, but actual health danger to humans has yet to be detected, medical doctor and nationally known indoor environmental expert says.


Chinese Drywall – The Science and The Myths

Building Health Sciences, Inc. (BHS) provides a comprehensive, medically-focused, single source solution to Indoor Environmental and Air Quality issues that adversely affect building occupants as a result of building or material failures. We integrate medical and scientific principles with building diagnostic and investigative activities. We have been watching the evolution of the Chinese drywall crisis. To date the focus appears to be on the manufacturing, distribution and adverse effects of the Chinese drywall on homeowners and their residence. Our physicians have been following the issues of human health effects of the off gassing Chinese drywall. Even in the presence of noxious odors which may cause irritant symptoms in certain individuals, to date, no levels of sulfur-containing gases have been measured at or above any health-based regulatory standards.



Health-focused Investigation and Consequence Mitigation

Mold litigation has expanded beyond personal injury claims to building owner negligence, design deficiencies, defective workmanship and construction defects. Recently, damp indoor spaces and a host of associated factors: bacteria, endotoxins, cell wall components, VOCs, and viruses have taken center stage.

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